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About Federated Payment Systems

Melville, New York-based Federated Payment Systems, named the fastest-growing merchant services business in the country by Nilson Report, continues to enjoy a loyal following among small to midsize companies. Established more than 10 years ago, the firm has serviced the needs of over 100,000 independent business owners since its inception and currently maintains a client base of more than 35,000 in the United States and Canada.

Federated Payment Systems extends a number of useful options for clients. The credit card processing service, which features the lowest rates in the industry, remains available for independently owned grocery stores, tanning salons, retail shops, and more. Aside from processing major credit cards with equipment that complies with all payment card industry standards, the firm sets up all systems and trains employees in their use at no additional charge. The company also accepts debit and electronic benefit transfer cards. For e-commerce companies, the firm extends its proprietary SafePay solution, which protects against identity theft on clients’ websites and enables fully-customizable billing cycles. SafePay also features iSpyFraud for enhanced protection and allows clients to process electronic checks.

Moreover, Federated Payment Systems offers beneficial solutions for mobile businesses and salespeople. Through its SafePay gateway, the company can turn almost any device, including iPhones and laptops, into a secure terminal. Advantages for mobile merchants include eliminating invoicing wait time, speeding up transactions, and enhancing flexibility and productivity. Ideal for limousine companies, repair professionals such as electricians and plumbers, and even pizza delivery people, mobile processing offers unparalleled convenience. In addition, on-the-go merchants enjoy lower rates because the credit card is present at the time of transaction.

Other services at Federated Payment Systems include cash advance opportunities, rewards programs, gift cards, and more. For additional information about the firm, visit

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